Sunday 10 June 2012

Quotes on Precode

This is an interesting collection of quotes I found on the Precode era and the Hays Code. They are by people who were affected by the code either directly or indirectly:

Herman Mankiewicz,

"The hero, as well as the heroine, has to be a virgin. The villian can lay anyone he wants,
has as much fun as he wants stealing and cheating, getting rich and whipping the
servants. But you have to shoot him in the end."

Howard Hughes to Howard Hawkes,

"Screw the Hays Office. Start the picture and make it as realistic, as exciting, as
grisly as possible."

Hays Office on the Scarface (1932) script,

"Under no circumstances is this film to be made. The American public...
find[s] mobsters and hoodlums repugnant...This office will make certain
Scarface is never released."

The conversation between Marilyn Monroe and censor Geoffery Shurlock
about the film 'Let's Make Love' (1960).

Marilyn: "I don't understand what's wrong?"
Geoffery: "Well--it's horizontal. It's as though you were getting ready
for the sex act."
Marilyn: "Oh, that. You can do that stading up. So what?"

Jack Warner (left) on the removal of the code:

"The studio now have clean toilets and dirty pictures."

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