Saturday 2 March 2013

Who’s Misbehaving? – The Top 10 Surviving Precode Stars

There’s not many and they mostly consist of child stars, but below is a list of the top ten still living Precode actors and actresses:

1)     Mary Carlisle

Born: February 3, 1902 (aged 102)
Best known for: WAMPAS Baby Star of 1932, managed an Elizabeth Arden Salon in Beverly Hills

Films: ‘Girl o’ My Dreams’ (1934), ‘Palooka’ (1934) and ‘Saturday Millions’ (1933)

2) Dickie Moore

Born: September 12, 1925 (aged 87)
Best known for: child star, featured in ‘The Gang’ series, gave Shirley Temple her second onscreen kiss

Films: ‘Blonde Venus’ (1932), ‘So Big!’ (1932) and ‘Oliver Twist’ (1933)


3) Diana Serra Cary (Baby Peggy)
Born: October 26, 1918 (aged 94)
Best known for: popular child star, author and film historian, current campaign to award her a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, fought for better rights for child stars

Films: ‘Off His Base’ (1932), ‘Eight Girls in a Boat’ (1934) and ‘The Return of Chandu’ (1934)

4) Mickey Rooney

Born: September 23, 1920 (aged 93)
Best known for: ‘Mickey’s” shorts made in 1927-9, his acting and musical pairing with Judy Garland, playing the character of ‘Andy Hardy’ in several films

Films: ‘Manhattan Melodrama’ (1934), ‘The Beast of the City’ (1932) and ‘Chained’ (1934)

5) Shirley Temple

Born: April 23, 1928 (aged 84)
Best known for: popular child star, dimples and golden curls, musical performances

Films: ‘Baby Take a Bow’ (1934), ‘Stand Up and Cheer!’ (1934) and ‘Bright Eyes’ (1934)

6) Carla Laemmle

Born: October 20, 1909 (aged 104)
Best known for: niece of Universal Pictures founder Carl Laemmle

Films: ‘Dracula’ (1931), ‘The Broadway Melody’ (1929) and ‘The Hollywood Revue of 1929’ (1929)

7) Cora Sue Collins

Born: April 19, 1927 (aged 86)
Best known for: popular Precode silent star, played Tania (Anna’s first child) in ‘Anna Karenina’ (1935)

Films: ‘The Scarlett Letter’ (1934), ‘Torch Singer’ (1933) and ‘Smilin’ Through’ (1932)

8) Marilyn Knowlden

Born: May 12, 1926 (aged 87)
Best known for: popular child star, appeared with such legends as Norma Shearer, Claudette Colbert and Katharine Hepburn

Films: ‘Call Her Savage’ (1932), ‘Imitation of Life’ (1934) and ‘The Cisco Kid’ (1931)

9) Jane Withers

Born: April 12, 1926 (aged 86)
Best known for: child star, was the heroine in two novels published in the 1940’s and special friend of James Dean

Films: ‘Zoo in Budapest’ (1933), ‘Imitation of Life’ (1934) and ‘Bright Eyes’ (1934)

10) Mary Wallace

Born: September 10, 1914 (99)
Best known for: Precode child star

Films: ‘Kiss and Makeup’ (1934), ‘Little Women’ (1934) and ‘Young and Beautiful’ (1934)