This is a list of Actors and Actresses I have done for features. Every month I choose one person to highlight with a short biography, film reviews, quotes and pieces of gossip. Click the links for each actor to see a short paragraph on their life and career:

December 24, 1892 - November 24, 1961
Film Favourites: 'Female' (1933), 'Frisco Jenny' (1933)

March 3, 1911 - June 7, 1937
Film Favourites: 'Red-Headed Woman' (1932), 'Red Dust' (1932)

Claudette Colbert

September 13, 1903 - July 30, 1996
FIlm Favourites: 'It Happened One Night' (1934), 'Sign of the Cross' (1932)

Marian Marsh

October 17, 1913 - November 9, 2006
Film Faviourites: 'Beauty and the Boss' (1932), 'Under 18' (1931)

December 4, 1894 - September 24, 1948
Film Favourites: 'Employee's Entrance' (1933), 'Smarty' (1934)

Sari Maritza

March 17, 1910 - July 1987
Film Favourites: 'Forgotten Commandments' (1932), 'International House' (1932)

Marjorie White

July 22, 1904 - August 20, 1935
Film Favourites: 'Happy Days' (1929), 'Sunnyside Up' (1929)

Rochelle Hudson

March 61916 - January 17, 1972
Film Favourites: 'Imitation of Life' (1934), 'She Done Him Wrong(1932)

Mayo Methot

March 31904 - June 9 1951
Film Favourites: ‘Night Club Lady’ (1932), 'Virtue' (1932)

Jack La Rue

May 3, 1902 - January 11, 1984
Film Favourites: 'The Story of Temple Drake' (1933), 'A Farewell to Arms' (1932)

Winnie Lightner

September 17, 1899 - March 5, 1971
Film Favourites: ‘Sit Tight’ (1931), ‘Gold Dust Gertie’ (1931) 

Marjorie Beebe

October 9, 1908 - May 9, 1983
Film Favourites: Hot News Margie (1931), Dance Hall Marge (1931) 

Joyzelle Joyner

August, 27 1905 - August 27, 1980
Film Favourites: 'Sign of the Cross' (1932), ‘Just Imagine’ (1930)


  1. I love this page !! Thank You!! I am watching a 1934 William Warren and Mary Astor flick right now! "The case of the Howling Dog".... Never have seen it before , but Mary Astor was so stylish and she had a really hypnotic voice.I think... Thanks again for the great work!!!Lots of work!!! wowie!!! .... T

  2. I love it!!!!I will be for sure making some of these....

    Igor Komar actor

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