Here is a list of the films I have reviewed for this site. I am always updating my list with everything from Precode classics to more obscure movies. Click on the links to read my reviews and photos:

Starring: Helen Hayes, Robert Montgomery, Margaret Hamilton

Starring: Marian Marsh, Warren William

Starring: Norma Shearer, Chester Morris



Starring: Claude Rains, Gloria Stuart

Starring: Ralph Graves, Barbara Stanwyck

Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Rod La Rocque

Starring: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Ann Dvorak

Starring: Marion Davies, Clark Gable

Starring: Guy Kibbee, Glenda Farrell, Donald Woods and Margaret Lindsay.

Starring: Peter Lorre, Leslie Bank and Edna Best

Starring: Alice White, Myrna Loy, Paul Page


Notorious but Nice (1933)

Starring: Marian March, Betty Compson

Smarty (1934)

Starring: Warren William, Joan Blondell

Svengali (1931)

Starring: Marian Marsh, John Barrymore

Wings (1927)

Starring: Clara Bow, Richard Arlen




  2. Thanks for the input, sometimes I never know what to watch. I have heard of these films and have wanted to see 'The Last of Mrs Cheyney' for a long time. Its probably the only Norma Shearer precode I haven't seen :)

  3. I've enjoyed this site in the past and when I saw tonights' TCM line-up, I thought of you. I should've posted this earlier, but I only now found out that TCM is showing Lon Chaney and Joan Crawford in "The Unknown". It's a wickedly bizarre 1927 silent that is delightful in it's photography, storyline and most of all, a masterpiece of acting by Chaney. I've seen it once before and was mesmerized. I hope you see this one if you haven't already. Tod Browning directs.
    I'm anonymous because I don't have a Google account and I'm technically ignorant of how else to post. Hope to talk again --- Dave

  4. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for your comment. No I haven't seen this film, I do have a love for those late silents (Louise Brooks mainly) but, I admit, to not having seen as many as I would like. "The Unknown" sounds great - both Crawford and Chaney together seems interesting. Unfortunately, I live in Australian and TCM is only avaliable via a PayTv format. So I can't watch it, but I will have a search and see if I can find it on the internet. Also, I don't like putting my email address on my website, however you can connect me through my 'Contact Me' box.


  5. How about Night Nurse? Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Blondell keep changing their clothes. Stanwyck must be undressed 3 times in the first half hour.

  6. Please may I nominate I'm No Angel Mae West was always pushing the envelope

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