Friday 6 July 2012

Precode Documentary Clips

I was watching a copy of "42nd Street" and on the disc was a couple of amazing documentary clips on the film and the movie industry in general. I've posted them on my Youtube site and below:

This is a short clip advertising the film "42nd Street"

Another early documentary called "A Trip Thru a Hollywood Studio". It discusses the process of making a sound film, the life of a chorus girl and shows some Precode favourites, such as,
Hugh Herbert, Pat Obrien, Ann Dvorak, Alice White and her sheep dog, James Cagney and Dolores Del Rio.

My final documentery is called, "The Hollywood Newsreel" from 1934. It is collection of behind-the-scenes clips from movies and interviews with popular actors. It features: Joan Blondell discussing her recent illness, the cast of "Wonderbar" - including Ginger Rogers, Ricardo Cortez and Dick Powell - greeting a football team, Dick Powell and Guy Kibbee learning to mine for gold and Hugh Herbert with his costar, a sheep.

These are great snapshots of Precode and hollywood history and are well worth watching.

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