Friday 13 July 2012

Marian Marsh Quotes on Life

Marian Marsh

On her early life:

"My father and mother had started a chocolate candy factory in Trinidad. They did all the work themselves at first. From nothing, they built up a good trade. When World War I knocked the bottom out of his market, my father moved us to Boston. There he became vice president of a very large chocolate manufacturing company."

Marian Marsh

On starting acting:

"She (Jean, Marian's Sister) was determined that I should crash the studio gates, and with that end in view, spent weeks haunting casting offices, telling them all about 'little sister,' even forgetting her own career. I finally did get a chance to make a test at Pathe. We waited for six hours before I received any attention. My makeup had to be done over and my hair dressed. When the big moment arrived, I was so tired, I really didn't care whether I stepped before the camera or not. The director, supervising the test, told me to cry-it was exactly what I wanted to do. I cried all over the place, and he thought it was great acting. I got the contract."

Marian Marsh

On changing her name:

"We shortened Marilyn to Marian, and my mother came up with Marsh because she remembered Mae Marsh from silent pictures."
On stage acting:
"He (stage director Edgar McGregor) asked me what I was doing. I told him I was under contract to Warner Bros., but I didn't think they knew I was there. He said he had this wonderful play called Young Sinners, and I was perfect for it. So, he called the studio and in no time at all, three or four days, I had the part."
Marian Marsh
On men:
"When I meet someone and I think ... why, you're not as cultured and not as brilliant as my father. He was a remarkable man!"

Marian Marsh
All these quotes come from an amazing article in the magazine, "FIlms of the Golden Age", byDan Van Neste, puublished January 1998. 

Blink and you will miss it....

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