Sunday 15 September 2013

Precode Double Take: Name That Star Edition!!

Today I came across a few pictures of a famous classic actress in her Precode days. I couldn’t believe that she is almost unrecognisable from the more mature, popular star she would become. I thought I would do a “Precode Double Take” like I have done before with other classic actresses that made quite distinct physical changes as the era and styles changed. I’m sure many Precode geniuses will recognise her as she was part of a very famous institution in the 1930’s. Comment below if you can identify her. I will post the answer tomorrow.
The Precode Blonde Bombshell

The mystery lady in the late 1920’s:
Here she is again, in the middle, with Thelma Todd:
Some great cheesecake shots:


Good luck…


  1. Perhaps Paulette Goddard? I could never guess at this sort of thing, this is not my specialty. However, some of the picture files names identify the subject as Paulette Goddard. I guess that could regarded as cheating.

  2. The with Todd shot is from Show Business (1932) which would be near the end of our subject's blonde era, as CC preferred her dark. She really does look very different and I'm glad she did it, but I do think dark suits her better ... maybe. lol

  3. I'll take a guess at Paulette Goddard - that cheeky smile seems to be hers :)