Friday 30 August 2013

Precode/ Film Resource 1# The Media History Project

Just a quick note for film and Precode lovers. The Media History Project is a wonderful source for an abundance of fan magazines from 1911 to 1963. They can be downloaded or viewed online for free depending on your internet capabilities. The element I love the best is that the website includes an extensive collection of Photoplay magazines which I think is one of the best overall fan magazines of the Precode era. Photoplay features a wide variety of film reviews, gossip, articles, posters and vintage advertisements. But there’s more, with many copies of Hollywood, Motion Picture, Picture-Play and New Movie magazines also available. I recommend everyone check it out!
Precode Spreads
From 1934 Film Fun Magazines taken from blogspot: Allure
Precode Advertisements
Precode Covers

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