Tuesday 13 August 2013

Precode Fashion Fix: Loretta Young in 'Midnight Mary' (1933)

There has been a bit of talk about Loretta Young’s wonderful costumes in the crime film, ‘Midnight Mary’ (1933), on Facebook lately and I thought I would delve further into it myself. I don’t think I have seen Miss Young looking so radiant and stunning nor have I seen her behaving so sinful. It seems beauty and immorality go hand-in-hand in the Precode era.
Her clothing was curtsy of famous film costume designer, Adrian. Born, Adrian Adolph Greenberg, he had been MGM’s chief designer for five years when he was enlisted to create pieces for Young’s bad-girl role.

He was known for the creation of provocative and eye-catching evening gowns over the early thirties and beyond. His signature style included simple dresses – often silver or gold – with emphasis on draping and external elements, such as, fringes or ruffles. These can be seen in these fabulous costumes for Loretta Young from ‘Midnight Mary’.


Or look at Una Merkel’s Adrian designs from the same year:

Adrian’s other triumphs include creating iconic gowns for Norma Shearer in her Oscar winning role, ‘The Divorcee’ (1930), Joan Crawford in ‘Letty Lynton’ (1933) and Jean Harlow in ‘Dinner at Eight’ (1933). Notice again the clear similarities between all Adrian’s pieces, he obviously had a signature style.    

‘The Divorcee’ (1930)
‘Letty Lynton’ (1933)

‘Dinner at Eight’ (1933)

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