Tuesday 4 September 2012

Precode Colourisations

Recently I have become obsessed with Colourisations. I think it started with the FilmClassics blog competition, but since then I have become hooked. I have been searching everywhere for them and below are a couple of my Precode favourites. Strangely they are mostly of Clara Bow and Greta Garbo with a couple of Alice White to finish. I have to apologise, these are not my own creation and thanks to the authors for producing these wonderful artworks. I haven't yet worked out how to create one myself but I cant wait to get on board.

Beautiful Clara Bow

Radiant Greta Garbo

The Adorable Alice White

And Snug as a Bug, Bessie Love

Blink and you will miss it....


  1. Beautiful pictures, Emma. Alice White and the dog are gorgeous.

  2. wow, they are really stunning.

  3. I agree. The look realy vibrant, like early Technicolour.

  4. Beautiful pictures.. the Greta Garbo pictures are my favorite.