Sunday 24 April 2016

Shirley Temple and Baby LeRoy get a taste of the Nightlife

There was nothing more studio publicity machines liked more than match-making for a bit of public attention. Even Paramount’s youngest star, Baby LeRoy, had the chance to find love with the equally famous pint-sized Shirley Temple. Photoplay magazine in 1934 took the opportunity of documenting the first date between the two-years-old LeRoy and six-years-old Shirley. A candid cameraman (disguised as Cupid), secured this fascinating record of that memorable evening between the two youngsters as they experienced the best of Hollywood’s night life:

The Drive: 
“Oh boy, nothing can compare with a spin down Hollywood Boulevard in the moonlight with a beautiful girl like you.”

The Drinks:
“That ride in my open roadster made me thirsty, didn’t it you? Besides, there’s nothing better than a drink of good old milk to help people to get better acquainted.”

The Movie:
“Two of the best seats in the house, Mister. There’s nothing too good for my girl. And after the show we’re going dancing at the Coconut Grove.”

The Dinner:
“Well, here we are at the Grove at a chummy table all by ourselves. Isn’t it swell to think we can relax and forget movie cares and have a good time just like grown-ups do.”

The Dancing:
“Dancing is fun all right, Shirley, and I’m glad you’re having a good time, but boy, oh, boy 
my feet hurt.”

The Aftermath:
    “Gosh, Shirley, I’m sorry, but I guess I simply can’t take it. After all, bed is the best place for a little fellow like me at this time of night.”
    “Think nothing of it, LeRoy, I had a lovely time – and if your mother has a spare crib I think Ill sleep here too. This night life isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.”
Unfortunately, I don’t think LeRoy and Shirley had a second date, but they did make a cute couple.

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