Saturday 22 March 2014

Sunday Fashion Fix: Nautical

Sailor style seems to be a fashion trend that never goes out of popularity. The use of the colours: blue, white and red as well as strategically placed stripes and interesting cuts are both alluring and attracting on all body types. Celebrities from the early 1930’s to now have been utilising the intricate nautical influence for casual events and on screen. Fashion designers have also taken this trend over the decades as inspiration for high fashion pant suits and dresses, eye-catching hats and various accessories as well as basic striped shirts and 1950’s-style dresses. Nautical pieces can be incorporated easily and suit everybody; take a look at images of the Precode outfits, modern-day celebrity looks and designer pieces. 

Precode Looks:

Clara Bow stands out in her starring role in True to the Navy alongside Fredric March, Harry Green and, her future husband, Rex Bell.

Cute little Shirley Temple plays a sailor.

Jean Harlow often appeared in nautical inspirited outfits in fashion and publicity shoots.


Joan Blondell (top) and Ruby Keeler (bottom) both appear in nautical inspired looks
in the film Footlight Parade (1933).

A model from 1935 exhibiting a high fashion look.  
Modern Celebrity Looks:
Taylor Swift and Leighton Meester in blue, white and red sailor outfits.
Designer Looks:
Sailor-inspired jewellery and accessories:
from Ali Express

from Baby Loves Pink
from Social Vixen
High fashion pieces also include a few sailor-inspired touches:
from Harpers Bazaar

from Vogue
Nautical pieces can also be part of a casual, everyday outfit:

from Wedding Thingz

from Mom Fabulous


  1. I offer a nod to Barbra Streisand in the nautical division. Her middy blouses and nautical inspired tops--which she designed, natch--became part of her early legend. Her most famous being the top she wore at the Cocoanut Grove and on the Judy Garland Show in 1963.

  2. Don't forget that in japan there are sailor style schoolgirl uniforms which is still prevalent nowadays.