Thursday 3 January 2013

Precode Cutie Remembers: Anita Page Interview - 1996

Below is a little gem I found on YouTube while searching for information on the early Precode musicals. It is part 1 of a 9 part interview with Precode and silent actress, singer and dancer Anita Page. In it she details how she started her career, the transition from silents to talkies and the highs and lows of working for the studio that claimed to ‘have more stars than there are in heaven’ MGM. She also discusses many of the popular actors and figures of that time including Joan Crawford, Irving Thalberg, Louis B. Mayer, her ‘dear friend’ Marion Davies and her lover William Randolph Hearst, Ramon Navarro (who proposed to Anita during her short career) and many others.     

The footage, unlike many interviews available online, is uncut and very raw with the interviewers questions being audible as well as showing the problems 86-year-old Anita had remembering facts and staying focused. Anita appears to be such a lovely, carefree lady who – although she apparently lived a modest life after movies – still kept the glitz and the glamour of the industry that made her famous.  
I hope you all enjoy it!!

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